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Personal LifeEdit

Marzia was born on October 21, 1992, and currently lives in Brighton, England with her boyfriend, Felix Kjellberg, a.k.a. PewDiePie, with her two pet dogs, a pug named Maya and a Pug named Edgar. Marzia and Felix started dating around October 2011, when Marzia's best friend watched PewDiePie's videos at the end of May, and e-mailed Marzia his videos and told her to check out more of his videos. Marzia thought he was really funny and wrote him a letter at the end of June 2011, stating how she thought he was funny and she enjoyed his videos. He wrote back and they started writing each other for a while, until Felix traveled to Italy several times to visit her from August through October. They moved in with each other after Marzia's birthday in 2011.

Internet LifeEdit

Marzia opened her YouTube account for CutiePieMarzia on January 16, 2012. Her videos mainly focuses vlogging, on about fashion trends or seasons, or just videos about clothing, hair and make-up tutorials, a series on how to speak Italian entitled 'Italian with Cutie', DYI/How-to videos, that specializes on types of jewelry and accessories such as necklaces, bracelets, earrings, hairbands but also foods like chai latte, cake and bruschetta. She also does "'Out with Cutie," in which CutiePie goes out to various places and records her adventures. She would sometimes do tags with PewDiePie, which includes them two doing some sort of activity together. CutiePie also would make guest appearances on PewDiePie's channel, as well as on his other channel (Pewdie), where the two will play games together. These videos include them playing Amnesia, Happy Wheels, Slender, LittleBigPlanet 2 and Sumotori Dreams. CutiePie calls any of her subscribers, or fans, "Marzipans," entitling users who subscribed to her known as a Marzipan. As of July 2014, CutiePie has over 3,000,000 subscribers, or "Marzipans."

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